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FIBO Innovation & Trend Award 2023

The most important european award for the fitness, wellness and health industry

13 - 16 April 2023
Exhibiton Centre Cologne

FIBO is once again looking for the most innovative new products and solutions from the fields of fitness, wellness and health. As an exhibitor at FIBO Show 2023, you can enter in a total of six categories. All entries will be judged by our jury of international industry experts. The announcement of the winners will take place during the European Health and Fitness Forum on April 12, 2023 in Cologne.

The nominees

Ecology & Sustainability 

fior Familie GmbH

fior MYwarmzone

Low-intensity training with warm feet in cold temperatures with the economical fior MYwarmzone floor heating produced from sustainable materials for rehab & mobility training, yoga & pilates.

Infinity StartUp GmbH


Our RefresherBoxx is the world's first washing machine that works without water and chemicals. The RefresherBoxx disinfects, dries and refreshes textiles, but without water and without chemicals.This world exclusive patented combination of textile cleaning processes is unique; because it is especially suitable for textiles that you can NOT put in the washing machine, such as shoes, 'Smart Textiles' (textiles with electronics), suits, dresses, materials made of leather, silk, velvet, cashmere, sports equipment, helmets, work equipment of emergency services & costumes.

Health & Prevention 

Bownce AG


Bownce is the first IoT ball of its kind. This innovative fitness device is designed to reinvent the way you train. Due to integrated electronic components, bownce tracks your performance and visualizes it in the bownce app. Bownce combines a whole-body workout with exciting challenges within a community of fellow bowncers. Even a short game can improve your coordination, boost your energy and uplift your mood. With bownce, fitness becomes an easy act of self-care that enforces a healthier life. The global mission is to bring the joy of movement to everybody.

Cool Tec Sales GmbH / LifeCube GmbH

LifeCube - die elektrische Kältekammer

Lifecube - the whole-body cold chamber is operated purely electrically. And thus differs from other models because the refrigerator effect is bypassed here. By using a pre-chamber, the temperature in the main chamber can be kept constant down to -110 degrees.


Icaros Guardian

A movement and balance system with a gamification app that can be used by seniors as well as top athletes. In combination with a specially developed app and various exergames, it helps to build up fitness, strength and coordination. The system consists of a balance board, a safety railing and a 40' screen that provides simultaneous biofeedback on one's movements via one's own smartphone and app. 

Lifestyle, Life-Balance & Wellness

Ergomotion® +Plus

ErgoSportive™ - Smart & Adjustable Recovery System

ErgoSportive™ is a Smart & Adjustable Recovery System, representing an exclusive and innovative connection between a smart bed and Garmin® wearables, offering users 24/7 reports on their health data. ErgoSportive™ Sleep System tracks sleep activity using advanced smart sensor technology and provides personalized sleep data and customized recovery recommendations through the ErgoSportive™ dedicated App and Garmin® wearables. Its Anti-snore intervention system also improves the quality of the user’s experience and overall well-being.

Soul Mates Kids Yoga

Soul Mates Kids Eco Yoga Mat

Soul Mates Eco Yoga Mats can be enjoyed by young children without the need to read instructions or follow a video class. Suggested poses are embossed directly on the mat.




Compleat your workout - We unite fitness and nutrition.🤝💪🏽Inspired by the curry sausage stalls at DIY stores, we set up fully digitalised and easily scalable fitness food stations at German gyms and stand for:
✅Fresh, high-quality and individually assembled bowls with a focus on fitness and good nutritional values. ++
✅Digital First approach for easy management and maximum customer convenience through nutritional tracking/ personalised marketing and much more. ++
✅High scalability through strong standardisation.


RaceFuel - KI-basierter digitaler Ernährungscoach

Based on more than 100,000,000 competition data from endurance athletes, an app was developed that fulfils the function of a digital nutrition coach. With the help of artificial intelligence, a recipe is calculated that is optimally adapted to the individual needs of the athlete. I used this method to make my own energy gel and qualified for the IRONMAN World Championship in Hawaii. The gel can be made very easily with only 5 natural ingredients. To date, several 10,000 athletes have successfully used this concept.

https://racefuel.de (will be activated shortly)


Eleiko Group AB

Prestera Strength Station

We put everything we have learned in 60 plus years of perfecting equipment for the strongest athletes and leading facilities into one complete strength system optimised for long-lasting performance and safety. Eleiko Prestera seamlessly blends free weight, body weight and cable training into one customisable system, redefining what is possible in floor plans and training. It is compact and scalable, adapting to your evolving needs and constructed to be the backbone of your facility for decades.


Elliptical Deconstructed: DECONSTRUCT 531

A new type of cardiovascular machine based on deconstruction, a creative process applied for the first time in sports engineering. It allows to perform numerous and completely new cardio exercises mobilizing all the muscles of the body or isolating the upper body. Stands out the combination of various exercises, that until now could only be performed isolated, in one exercise. Exercises such as, push with pull, push-pull with squats, biceps with triceps, or lat pull-down with shoulder press, even at high speeds. Designed with accessories to also do strength, balance and stretching exercises.



Absolutely new and innovative full-body strength and cardio training device for bidirectional and unidirectional training. Simultaneous training of agonist and antagonist muscle groups. Wide range of training options (HIIT, HILIT, strength / cardio training, high-speed strength training, warm-up / cool-down, regeneration and rehabilitation training, movement analysis). Countless exercise variations and unlimited individual training options. Flywheel resistance, thus individual power adjustment during training according to the applied force and less risk of injury.

Uptivo Srl

Uptivo Boxing Trackers

The specifically designed Uptivo solution for the combat world tracks the number of lefts and right punches, as well as their power and speed, creating involvement and competition. The solution is based on comfortable wrist sensors, which can be worn over or under the gloves, and tracks workouts in real-time, transmitting the data to the Uptivo receivers and allowing members to see their performance on the displays installed at the club. Each workout generates a report that is saved on the cloud and is available to coaches and members via Uptivo’s web portal and the user’s personal phone app.


Get Your Coach
(Inh. Alexander Bünger)

Get Your Coach App

Get Your Coach is the app for finding coaches from over 120 sports. Users can view coaches in their area on the homepage or filter for coaches worldwide. Coaches can be contacted via the chat function to arrange a training session. Our goal is to develop Get Your Coach into the largest sports community in the DACH region.

Healthy Office Nederland B.V.

U+ Far-UVC Care222® Air- and Surface disinfection

Far-UVC Care222® is a new and unique disinfecting light technology. This invention, patented by Columbia University, inactivates bacteria and viruses in much the same way as conventional ultraviolet disinfection systems, such as those used in hospitals to disinfect medical instruments. Unlike the conventional way, Far-UVC Care222® can be used while people are present. U can quickly and efficiently deactivate viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores, etc. in the air, in liquids and on surfaces.

Turnkiste GmbH


The Turnkiste (gymnatic box) is an innovative storage box for outdoor sports equipment: it can be booked digitally, opened by mobile phone and is, of course, vandalism- and theft-proof. High-quality equipment can be made available to anyone interested directly at the place of installation (e.g. park). Trainers benefit from additional offers (e.g. §20 concept training) and private individuals can find a training partner in the "relationship box" (forum). We are a strong partner for cities, companies and health insurance companies in the field of health promotion.

Your benefits of participating

For Nominees


Use of the FIBO Award logo in your digital and analogue communications


Increase of your brand reach through markings in the FIBO Show Guide and on the pocket plan


Presentation of your brand and your product on the FIBO Award website





For Winners


Use of the FIBO Award logo in your digital and analogue communications


Increase of your brand reach through markings in the FIBO Show Guide and pocket plan


Presentation of your brand and your product on the FIBO Award website


Award ceremony at the European Health & Fitness Forum to honour your innovation in front of international representatives of the fitness industry.



Presentation of your brand and your product in the FIBO Trade Visitor Newsletter and in selected trade magazines

Get to know our jury members

Prof. Dr. Ingo Froböse

Sports scientist and health expert, head of the Institute for Exercise Therapy at the German Sports University (DSHS) in Cologne


Prof. Dr. Niels Nagel

Professor of sports management at the EBC College in Düsseldorf, head of the office of the German Industry Association for Fitness and Health e.V. 

Prof. Alfonso Jiménez

Professor Exercise Science & Health at the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre (Sheffield Hallam University, 0.25FTE) and Chief Research & Innovation Officer at GO fit LAB

Prof. Dr. Thomas Rieger

Professor for sports management at the University of Applied Sciences Europe and Founding Dean of the department of Sports, Media & Events

Prof. David Matusiewicz

Professor of Media Management at FOM University of Applied Sciences, Dean of the Faculty of Health & Social Sciences.

Prof. Karsten Köhler

Professor of Exercise, Nutrition and Health at TUM in the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences.

Dr. med. Ursula Manunzio

Doctor of sports medicine, nutritional medicine and cardiovascular preventive medicine (DGPR).

Requirements of the Award categories

Health & Prevention

Prevention and health promotion are aimed at people and groups who either want to do something to maintain their health at an early stage in the sense of health promotion and need support for this, or who want to tackle existing risk factors in the sense of prevention.


One of the most cited definitions of a star-up is the following: “A startup is a human institution designed to create a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty” (Eric Ries, 2011 - The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Business ).


The Performance Category addresses innovations that facilitate or optimize the maintenance or improvement of performance through their use/application.

Lifestyle, Life-Balance & Wellness

In today's world, which is enriched by stress and overload, aspects of mental health, relaxation, balance and regeneration are also in demand.

Ecology & Sustainability

The award category Ecology & Sustainability is based on a holistic understanding of sustainability in the dimensions of economic, ecological and social sustainability.


In the context of "fitness", innovations should clearly and unambiguously aim to improve functions of the human organism that have been precisely described in advance and are scientifically tenable.

Winners of 2022

With their ingenuity, the winners of the FIBO Innovation & Trend Awards 2022 have convinced the international jury and prevailed against strong competition.

Read here which winners were chosen in the six categories 2022.

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