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Changing customer needs - Growing intersection between the fitness industry and the hotel industry

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The fitness industry and the hotel industry are not only two top growth industries, but have also moved ever closer together over the last few years. "The topic of physical health is a megatrend that is increasingly becoming the focus of society," says Silke Frank, Event Director FIBO Global Fitness. This is also noticeable in the hotel industry, because as early as 2012 around half of all travellers had sportswear in their luggage, and since then the fitness-related expectations of society have increased considerably.

The needs of hotel guests increasingly coincide with those of fitness customers. Those who live a health-oriented lifestyle and pursue sporting activities in everyday life do not want to cut back during their holidays. Quite the opposite, because on holidays in particular we long for new impressions, and those who are less active in general are open to new stimuli during their holidays and even expect them. The increased integration of indoor and outdoor offers around the subject of fitness is therefore an important part of modern guest acquisition and retention.

Long gone, however, are the days of the industrial hall-style fitness room with a small selection of the most common fitness equipment. A new understanding of the demands of the guests, the customer, is needed. The hotel of today should feel like a second home, because nowadays, people are looking for a place that radiates a feel-good atmosphere and invites relaxation and self-realisation. The concept of "selfness" is thus gaining in importance. Influenced by the futurologist and trend researcher Matthias Horx, this concept focuses on the long-term enhancement of personal life skills. The desire of today's generation is to get to know and understand themselves better, and to come to terms with their own resources. 

The hotel as a second home ideally has a supporting effect. Gentle impulses should encourage and motivate the guest to take time for what is most important and to focus on themselves. The range of services offered by hotels can be specifically expanded by the following three areas: training, wellness, treatment/therapy.

Physical fitness is still seen in relation to a healthy body and mind and an offer consisting of stretching, endurance and strength training elements cannot be missing. What is new, however, is the increased focus on presentation, because in an increasingly hectic world, we long for intimacy and a place of retreat, a private refuge. Cosy fitness suites, as well as yoga or tai chi classes in small groups or nature-based workouts such as jogging trails or cycle paths are therefore in demand.

Meanwhile, increased attention is also being paid to mental fitness, because stress is the source of the five widespread diseases of affluence. Wellness offers consisting of coaching elements or meditation sessions are becoming increasingly relevant, as is a conscious design of the hotel premises. The former belongs to the active help for self-help approach and the latter to the passive approach, because lamps with Bluewave III technology and the use of certain room scents have a supporting effect.

Furthermore, "taking care of oneself" is strongly associated with self-responsible prevention and health promotion. Medical wellness treatments such as Ayurveda, which induce physical and mental regeneration, are therefore indispensable. The preventive effects of a healthy diet should not be underestimated either, because a balanced diet gives more energy on the one hand and has healing effects on the other. Enjoyment concepts instead of diet plans, that is the new maxim. The task and change of the hotel industry is therefore to support guests on their journey to themselves.

The art is to subtly integrate the holistic and health-oriented offer into the existing hotel concept and to create a lasting experience for the guest.

The 101 FUTURE HOSPITALITY DAYS will take place simultaneously with FIBO Global Fitness. Whereas the former will bring together the great talents of the German-speaking hotel industry, the latter will bring together the decision-makers of the fitness industry. New impulses from other industries are of course not to be missed at the visionary networking event. One highlight of this year's congress programme will be the live podcast "Healing with nutrition: Eat better - fast easily - live longer" by Nils Behrens and Prof. Dr. Andreas Michalsen. Will you be there from 16 to 18 April in Düsseldorf? For more information on the 101 FUTURE HOSPITALITY DAYS, please visit www.die-101-future-hospitality-days.com.