• 11 – 14 April 2024
  • Exhibition Centre Cologne

16. March 2023, Advertorial

Gym of the future: EGYM Showroom

(c) EGYM

EGYM is coming with double the power to the fitness fair this year. The new stand "EGYM Showroom" shows real studio solutions to touch. Using real successful concepts from Fitness First, Next Door by Just Fit and LANDPhysio Lauchdorf as examples, the deep integration and lively diversity of the EGYM ecosystem can be experienced live in action.

In the showroom, every operator, owner or those who would like to become one will receive free advice and inspiration for their individual studio or therapy concept. EGYM shows three very different studio concepts ranging from premium, personal optimised to a physiotherapeutic practice with a prescription-independent area.

The showroom was developed based on successful studios and differs in three rooms:

Smart Coaching using Fitness First as an example. Goal: Premium studio with premium equipment, premium advice and upsell opportunities.

Fitness First aims to become the most motivated chain and the most digital company in the fitness industry. Digitalisation streamlines processes so that employees have the time and energy to really take care of customers, and successes are made measurable.

Johannes Maßen, Fitness First Managing Director Germany, is therefore fully committed to the EGYM ecosystem: almost all of the approximately 60 Fitness First clubs in Germany are now equipped with EGYM. According to Johannes Maßen, "EGYM is a super tool for us to achieve our mission, which is to motivate people in their training every day. And exactly then we have a win-win situation for Fitness First, for the growth of this company, but just also for all our customers out there."

Read full story here

Smart scaling using the example of Next Door by Just Fit. Goal: Staff-optimised and efficient

The trainerless studio 'Next Door by Just Fit' is in the black in record time.

Entrepreneur Frank Böhme opened a new studio concept called 'Next Door by Just Fit' in September 2022, which operates without staff for 93% of opening hours. With EGYM as its central component, the digitalised studio offers fast and effective training around the clock. The concept is so popular with members that it already broke even in the fourth month after opening.

Frank Böhme: "We also notice that people are enthusiastic about working out on the equipment, enthusiastic about using this system, regardless of age group and objective. We have really caught the spirit of the times. After 3 months, we now have over 300 members in the 300 sqm studio space, and are extremely successful in the aggregator business."

Smart therapy using the example of LANDphysio Lauchdorf. Goal: Convert patients to long-term members

LANDphysio is a visionary and highly innovative physiotherapy facility that is breaking new ground in therapy to keep its patients healthy in the long term. Since its founding in 2018, LANDphysio's managing directors, the husband-and-wife team Andreas and Judith Bucher, have fully relied on the EGYM ecosystem, enabling them to turn 58% of their patients into members and increase their contributions by 82%. The practice is located in the beautiful Bavarian Ostallgäu, the small community of Lauchdorf, which has fewer inhabitants than the physiotherapy members.

Andreas Bucher, LANDphysio Lauchdorf: "And after two years we were at the limit of our capacity, so we decided to build an extension. Since the beginning of 2022, LANDphysio has had 550 square metres of space with 22 EGYM Smart Strength and twelve Smart Flex machines. We have seven therapy rooms and now a total of 17 employees, including five therapists. Read the full story here

Smart Therapy with EGYM establishes a new, innovative growth concept for building independent training therapy.

Those who have made it to EGYM in Hall 6 and found the hard-to-miss 800+ sqm stand space should also keep an eye out for the EGYM Ambassadors! From film, TV, Tiktok stars and fitness experts, some familiar faces are invited here. Mimi Kraus, Ralf Moeller, Mark Keller and many more will be at EGYM throughout the days of the fair and look forward to comparing biceps with you.

EGYM has been a loyal guest at FIBO for years and has always had an ace up its sleeve. This year, the size of the trade show appearance is doubling.

EGYM is a leading global provider of intelligent, technology-enabled workout solutions for fitness and health facilities. With its comprehensive range of connected fitness equipment and digital products that seamlessly integrate with third-party hardware and software, EGYM makes workouts smarter and more efficient. The result is a fitness technology ecosystem: exercisers benefit from a fully connected training experience in and out of the gym with data-driven training and health outcomes, operators from measurable business results.

For businesses, EGYM offers subscription-based fitness and wellness solutions. Employees gain access to quality sports and health facilities and EGYM training programmes, benefiting from improvements in their overall health. To prevent costly illnesses, for higher productivity and increased well-being. The company is headquartered in Munich, Germany, with additional offices throughout Europe and a US headquarters in Denver, Colorado.