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#BEACTIVE DAY 2023: Celebrating Fitness & Health

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Bar ohne Namen

Entschlossen verweigert sich Savage, der Bar einen Namen zu geben. Stattdessen sind drei klassische Design-Symbole das Logo der Trinkstätte in Dalston: ein gelbes Quadrat, ein rotes Viereck, ein blauer Kreis. Am meisten wurmt den sympathischen Franzosen dabei, dass es kein Gelbes-Dreieck-Emoji gibt. Das erschwert auf komische Weise die Kommunikation. Der Instagram Account lautet: a_bar_with_shapes-for_a_name und anderenorts tauchen die Begriffe ‘Savage Bar’ oder eben ‚Bauhaus Bar‘ auf.


Für den BCB bringt Savage nun sein Barkonzept mit und mixt für uns mit Unterstützung von Russian Standard Vodka an der perfekten Bar dazu.





Join us as we dive into the exciting world of #BEACTIVE Day: the day when the fitness and health industry celebrates sport and exercise. Discover why 23 September is more than just a date in the calendar - a day dedicated to promoting active and healthy lifestyles across Europe. The initiative by EuropeActive and its national partner associations such as the DSSV promises a wealth of events in fitness clubs and workplaces, outdoor facilities and many more. The entire fitness and health industry is lending its support to make the offers accessible to all and, for the third year in a row, provide a successful kick-off to the European Week of Sport.

Promoting the #BEACTIVE Message in Society

The #BEACTIVE DAY and #BEACTIVE WEEK are about more than just a week of exercise. They aim to sustainably underline the importance of fitness for people's health and well-being. The main goal is to highlight the benefits of physical activity and firmly embed the message in society. Ultimately, the aim is to encourage people to move more and make an active and healthy lifestyle a natural choice.

David Stalker, President EuropeActive:

“This is our opportunity for us as an industry to change the tide of inactivity and implement an impactful change around physical activity that will resonate with current and future generations. #BEACTIVE DAY campaign embodies the spirit of EuropeActive's mission, and it is a call to action that invites individuals of all age groups to unite under a common purpose of celebrating physical activity”

Prof. Dr. Thomas Wessinghage, 1. Chairman DSSV e. V.:

"Exercise is the key to a healthy life. It not only strengthens our bodies, but also our minds and our zest for life. #BEACTIVE DAY is more than a date in the calendar - it's an opportunity to motivate people and strengthen communities. Set an example for health and fitness, and actively participate!"

FIBO stands firmly behind this endeavor, wholeheartedly supporting the promotion of activity and health in society.

Silke Frank, Event Director FIBO

“Experts confirm that movement and fitness are the keys to a healthier life. We strongly believe in its unifying power and its vital role in our well-being, both physically and mentally. Through our commitment to the #BEACTIVE DAY Campaign, we're determined to champion these values, elevate the importance of movement and health in society, and inspire countless individuals to embrace an active lifestyle”.


The industry is joining forces

This year, #BEACTIVE DAY offers even more opportunities to move, try out and become part of a movement. As President of EuropeActive, the European umbrella organisation and driver of #BEACTIVE DAY, David Stalker knows the significance and charisma of the day:

"I can’t wait to see the results of all the hard work EuropeActive and its national association partners have put into the 2023 #BEACTIVE DAY campaign. It's truly inspiring to see the momentum this initiative is gaining across Europe's key industry stakeholders, and we cannot be more grateful for the incredible support of the 2023 sponsors FIBO and Les Mills International.

Last year, I was thrilled to see that the campaign proved to be a growing success, with 3,876 events organised across Europe involving 701,695 participants from all over the continent. In 2023, in addition to 24 countries across Europe in which the campaign takes place, EuropeActive co-organises its first-ever #BEACTIVE DAY event in Brussels. This year, the #BEACTIVE DAY campaign holds the potential to ignite a wave of positive impact across society with its specific focus on an intergenerational approach to physical activity.”

Join us on September 23: Lets make it the most active day of the year

#BEACTIVE DAY is inclusive and open to everyone, regardless of age, height, gender identity, location, fitness level. In Germany alone, more than 700 public events have already registered.

Just check the interactive map of the DDSV to see where the action is happening: 

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a movement, that celebrates the joy of physical activity and a healthier tomorrow.

You are a studio owner and would also like to contribute to #BEACTIVE Day and thus to an active life for people? Then simply follow the link and register your event. It's never too late to become part of the movement:

You & us together. For a strong and healthy society.