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The FIBO Innovation & Trend Award 2019

is searching for the latest and most innovative fitness and lifestyle products in the industry

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The winners & nominees for the FIBO Innovation & Trend Award 2019 have been chosen!

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Start Up


Start-up: Fit Reality sp. z.o.o



by Fit Reality sp. z.o.o

in the category start-up

VIRO RACE is a suite of virtual training solutions dedicated for fitness clubs and their members, compatible with cardio machines. It is a unique fitness and gaming ecosystem of innovative features,
social & engagement tools, top VR experience & graphic design. VIRO RACE suite includes: RACE Virtual Cycling, RACE Virtual Rowing and RACE Virtual Stepper. VIRO RACE is compatible with cardio machines of most popular producers and playable with the use of majority of available VR headsets. VIRO RACE makes fitness as fun and engaging as video games.


Digital Fitness: SkyTechSport


Ski & Snowboard Simulator

von SkyTechSport

in der Kategorie Digital Fitness

An indoor interactive ski & snowboard simulator that recreates a real G-force and uses a patented technology of sensors, computer vision, and a huge screen with real slope/slalom visuals that can train Olympic champions as well as absolute beginners. It gives an intense workout, including power training, balance training and cardio, while the excitement of the speeds and the virtual mountains inspire you to train more and more.


Health/Prevention: Perform Better Performance


Neuro Athletic Training

by Perform Better Performance

in the category health & prevention

Neuro athletic training – THE trend topic in training and education. Knowledge of the influence of the brain and nervous system on movement, posture and pain is still a novelty in the German training and education sector. With the seminar series “Neuro Athletics”, “Neuro Weight Training” and “Neuro Mobility” and the first Neuro Athletic Conference (November 2018), Perform Better Performance Institute is breaking new ground, setting the standard when it comes to this topic. These efforts marry current scientific insights with years of experience, professional seminar organisation and brain-friendly teaching methods.


Health/Prevention: truu wasserweik gmbh


truu fountain

by truu wasserweik gmbh 

in the category health & prevention

Made from high-quality V4A stainless steel and glass, the truu fountain is the sustainable source of the purest, most pristine water. Using a purification technology developed in house, water is drawn from lines at any given location, completely cleaned of contaminants, restructured and energised, making it residue-free, healthy and highly available for use by cells. The truu fountain is the perfect building block for supplying lots of people with high-quality water in workplace health promotion, for exercise support in fitness studios, and in hospitals and care facilities.


Health/Prevention: BALLance Concepts GmbH


WINNER: BALLance Balls

by BALLance Concepts GmbH 

in the category health & prevention

Innovation: hyperkyphosis as the cause of back pain. Health: helping people help themselves in prevention & rehab. Effect: reduction of thoracic kyphosis, lordosis in the lumbar spine; traction/mobility of the spine; cardio stress index. Massive motivation, immediate effect. Design: elastic balls connected with springs conform to the anatomy of the back. Quality: manufactured in Germany, ISO 9001. Functionality: small mobile devices, complete exercise concepts: group fitness, 1:1, workplace health promotion, therapy. ZPP (Germany’s central prevention verification authority) § 20: “Straightening and relieving the spine”. Evaluation: Prof. Baum, Prof. Aufloht, Muht, Kühne.


Lifestyle/Life Balance/Wellness: lounge8 AG



by lounge8 AG

in the category lifestyle, life-balance & wellness

lounge8 is a new holistic mental relaxation and regeneration system, which enables immediate relaxation, stress relief and inner peace by natural stimulation of the senses through a specially developed swinging cadence. lounge8 is set swinging only through slight rhythmic body movements (no electric drive). This interaction supports brain activities in the low frequency range, similar like hypnosis or meditation and leads the user into a deep meditative state of relaxation. Further audiovisual modules can be activated individually and intensify the meditative experience of relaxation.


Digital Fitness: Voxxbody


WINNER: VOXXBODY Vocal Fitness System

by Charles Simmons Music & Fitness UG

in the category lifestyle, life-balance & wellness

Entertainer, vocal coach and personal trainer Charles Simmons has drawn from his years of experience in the music and fitness industries and created the VOXXBODY Vocal Fitness System, an innovative fitness program designed for vocalists of all skill levels. With VOXXBODY, you train your voice and body together, which will not only improve your vocal and physical stamina but your coordination, concentration, and confidence as well, all without expensive voice lessons or gym memberships. It’s an excellent program for your body, mind, and voice.


Lifestyle/Life Balance/Wellness: Käserei Loose GmbH & Co. KG


Quäse Protein Pepper Chili

by Käserei Loose GmbH & Co. KG

in the category lifestyle, life-balance & wellness

The savoury and spicy taste profile of the Quäse Protein Pepper Chili cheese has been winning fans since January. It’s special because the seasoning is mixed right into the cheese slices, creating a highly aromatic product. Fitness fans, in particular, can look forward to this new muscle building cheese. Naturally featuring 31 grams of protein per pack and only about 0.5 per cent fat, the handy cheese slices make the ideal protein snack. Perfect for any sports bag, this protein champ is the perfectly convenient snack for consumption within 30 minutes after working out, which is the optimal way to support muscle building.


Performance/Capabilities: ALATECH Technology Limited


Firefly Indoor Cycle (Spin Bike)

by ALATECH Technology Limited

in the category lifestyle, life-balance & wellness

Colorful and innovative, the Firefly is a revolutionary design aims to encourage and promote heart rate training with spin bike. We hope to provide a solution that draws people of different training level to be a part of the fitness industry. We look forward to lower the education cost through simplify complicated concepts. Through Firefly, the users can learn about their heart rate intensity levels and have a better grasp of their physical condition. It can be use widely in cycling programs and trainings and will enhance class interaction, involvement, and entertainment.


Ökologie & Nachhaltigkeit: IMG Quality Design sp. z.o.o



by IMG Quality Design Sp. Z o.o. Sp. k.

in the category performance

A high quality, innovative training mat created in harmony with nature. Made of 80% from sugar cane. Thanks to its structure it ensures a great cushioning and durability during the workout. Its ergonomic shape, innovative and unique design increases its functionality and draws users’ attention, in harmony with ecology. Hanging / storing system that is based on single hole allows to quickly remove or replace the mats from a hanger even if in a crowded space.


Perfomance/ Capabilities: BLAZEPOD


Blaze Pod


in the category performance

BlazePod introduces a whole new approach towards exercise through exciting innovative technology.BlazePod's uniquely designed lighting Pods, create visual cues and prompts to enhance your workouts, challenge your speed, agility, reaction times and other fitness elements. BlazePod is also used for specific technique training for athletes, in all fields of sport. Run through different training drills on the BlazePod app, or create your custom designed drills to suit your specific performance needs, and measure your results down to the millisecond


Digital Fitness: Fit Reality sp. z.o.o



by FitReality sp. z.o.o.

in the category digital fitness

VIRO MOVE is a standalone VR fitness game for home and professional use, which offers unique quality of gameplay, graphic design, gamification mechanisms and training effects. It comprises 4 different training modes (boxing, shooting, sword training and weapon master) and a wide range of training plans, levels and challenges developed with fitness trainers and physiotherapists. VIRO MOVE allows to achieve exceptional training results, while having as much fun as with playing video games.


Performance/Capabilities: Eleiko Group AB


Evo Rotating Dumbbell

by Eleiko Group AB

in the category performance

Evo Rotating Dumbbells incorporate a rotating handle giving users a more controlled, safe and smooth lifting experience. Our unique construction nestles a rotating handle inside a low-friction rubber-sealed custom-built bearing to achieve a significantly smaller handle diameter (8- 12mm less), making Evo appropriate for a wider range of users and uses. Our patent-pending handle construction and unique manufacturing processes bring forth an evolution in dumbbell training.


Start-up: AKUIS SRL




in the category start-up

Designed and developed by Akuis, an Italy-based company, SINTESI it’s a robotic multifunction cable machine. Its cutting edge set of patented, well-proven technologies enable a user to perform every exercise for every muscle section with one sleek, versatile, high-performance system. SINTESI is also a Personal Trainer with a memory. Using a 3-D tracking capability, the SINTESI app records each workout.This smart monitoring enables SINTESI to learn and personalize workouts and improve user performance in a easy, effective and engaging way.


Start-up: Sphery


The ExerCube League

by Sphery AG

in the category start-up 

Sphery's ExerCube League is the first worldwide physical eSports league for everyBODY! The ExerCube – an immersive functional fitness game – serves as tournament and training equipment. The game-based body & brain competition can be carried out cooperatively or competitively by players in numerous cubes at (inter-)national tournaments. Thanks to an adjustable physical and cognitive challenge, every player (every fitness level, age and gender, with/ without limitations) has the chance to win the battle while being cheered by an audience. The Sphery League connects people in a fun and active way!


Start-up: ALTRABECO Consulting UG


Taffe Tiger

by ALTRABECO Consulting UG

in the category start-up

“TaffeTiger” is a newly developed, multi-sport, values-based children’s workout that promotes more exercise, character development and body awareness. The focus is on the development of motor, physical and character skills. The workout boosts self-confidence, increases motivation to get moving and be healthy, and empowers children to go through life with poise. The children benefit from improved mobility and become more creative, concentrated, strong, receptive and stress-resistant. For children aged 5 – 14 years.


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The Jury Members

  • Nathalie Smeeman, Executive Director of the european association Europe Active
  • Gunnar Ebmeyer, Editorial Manager & Manager Business Development FIT FOR FUN
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Rieger, founding dean at the department of sports, media & event at the University of Applied Sciences Europe
  • Prof. Dr. Ingo Froböse, university professor for prevention and health at the German Sport University Cologne
  • Prof. Dr. Niels Nagel, office manager at DIFG e.V.

Kurztext Award


Prof. Dr. Thomas Rieger, Nathalie Smeeman, Prof. Dr. Niels Nagel & Prof. Dr. Ingo Froböse 


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