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The FIBO Innovation & Trend Award 2019

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The winners & nominees for the FIBO Innovation & Trend Award 2019 have been chosen!

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Kopie von Digital Fitness: SkyTechSport


Ski & Snowboard Simulator

by SkyTechSport

in the categorie digital fitness

An interactive ski and snowboard simulator that simulates a real G-force using a patented technology of sensors, computer vision and a giant screen with real slalom/slalom graphics that can train both Olympic champions and absolute beginners. It offers an intense workout, including strength training, balance training and cardio, while the excitement of speed and virtual mountains will inspire you to train more and more.


Kopie von Gesundheit/ Prävention: ERGO-FIT GmbH & Co. KG


Vector Line

by ERGO-FIT GmbH & Co. KG

in the categorie health & prevention

The Vector Line strength machines offer the possibility of ECG monitoring and control of the exerciser during the training. A Panel PC on the machine guides the user through the training. The user wears a chest strap with an ECG sensor (1-6 channel ECG), the data of all users are monitored centrally. For the first time, it is possible to monitor and control not only cardio training but also strength training. In addition, the devices convince by interesting features like LED lighting, anodized handles and low weight gradation.


Kopie von Gesundheit/ Prävention: Preventis GmbH


Vitamin D SmarTest® Home

by Preventis GmbH

in the categorie health & prevention

Determine your vitamin D status simply, quickly and conveniently from home! A combination of a quick test and free smartphone app accurately determines your vitamin D status within minutes. Take a quick test with a small blood sample from your fingertip and read the result on the smartphone screen. The test can be performed quickly and conveniently from home. Turn your smartphone into a laboratory.


Lifestyle/Life Balance/Wellness: SportHacks GmbH


SportHacks ONE24

by SportHacks GmbH

in the category lifestyle, life-balance & wellness

Our mission is to solve the problems of everyday sports heroes. Our community was tired of leaving home with a sports bag and a business bag, so we designed ONE bag that is optimized for both. A new generation sports bag - ONE24 is designed so that you can pack it hanging & have full access to your equipment. No matter what sport you do, the modular system gives you the flexibility to carry any equipment you need. Whether it's an early workout at the gym, the Meal Prep, 9 hours at the office or throwing baskets on the basketball court, you'll only need ONE bag for 24 hours.


Lifestyle/Life Balance/Wellness: Urban Sports GmbH


Urban Sports Club

by Urban Sports GmbH

in the category lifestyle, life-balance & wellness

Urban Sports Club offers a flexible sports flat rate. The aim is to motivate people to take part in sports through the largest and most diverse range of offers and to inspire them to a healthy and active lifestyle. From fitness, yoga, swimming and climbing to team sports and wellness offers - members can compile their individual training plan from over 50 sports and more than 8,000 partner locations throughout Europe and check in for their sport via a smartphone app. Diversity, flexible conditions as well as organized team sports and wellness offers complete the offer for private and corporate customers.


Lifestyle/Life Balance/Wellness: MECOTEC GmbH




in the category lifestyle, life-balance & wellness

Compact one-room cold chamber for whole-body cold therapy at -85 °C for several users simultaneously. Purely electrically operated. Easy installation and low maintenance.


Performance/Capabilities: ALATECH Technology Limited


Firefly Indoor Cycle (Spin Bike)

by ALATECH Technology Limited

in the category lifestyle, life-balance & wellness

Colorful and innovative, the Firefly is a revolutionary design aims to encourage and promote heart rate training with spin bike. We hope to provide a solution that draws people of different training level to be a part of the fitness industry. We look forward to lower the education cost through simplify complicated concepts. Through Firefly, the users can learn about their heart rate intensity levels and have a better grasp of their physical condition. It can be use widely in cycling programs and trainings and will enhance class interaction, involvement, and entertainment.


Perfomance/ Capabilities: BLAZEPOD


Blaze Pod


in the category performance

BlazePod introduces a whole new approach towards exercise through exciting innovative technology.BlazePod's uniquely designed lighting Pods, create visual cues and prompts to enhance your workouts, challenge your speed, agility, reaction times and other fitness elements. BlazePod is also used for specific technique training for athletes, in all fields of sport. Run through different training drills on the BlazePod app, or create your custom designed drills to suit your specific performance needs, and measure your results down to the millisecond


Performance/Capabilities: Eleiko Group AB

Evo Rotating Dumbbell

by Eleiko Group AB

in the category performance

Evo Rotating Dumbbells incorporate a rotating handle giving users a more controlled, safe and smooth lifting experience. Our unique construction nestles a rotating handle inside a low-friction rubber-sealed custom-built bearing to achieve a significantly smaller handle diameter (8- 12mm less), making Evo appropriate for a wider range of users and uses. Our patent-pending handle construction and unique manufacturing processes bring forth an evolution in dumbbell training.

Kopie von Start-up: Sphery AG


The ExerCube League

by Sphery AG

in the categorie start-up

Sphery’s ExerCube League is the first worldwide Exergaming League for everyBODY!
The ExerCube - an immersive functional fitness game - serves as a tournament and training device. The game-based Body & Brain Competition is played cooperatively or competitively by players in their ExerCubes at international tournaments. Thanks to an adaptable physical-cognitive difficulty level, players of all fitness and gaming levels, ages, sexes and with/without handicaps have the chance to win the competition. There are no limits! The ExerCube League connects people in a playful and physically active way!


Kopie von Ökologie & Nachhaltigkeit: COOLINN GmbH




in the categorie ecology & sustainability

COOLINN has developed THE LATEST generation whole body cold chamber. We offer a world novelty because we do completely without refrigerants - we only cool with ambient air. We are the only supplier on the market that produces sustainable refrigeration. We have modified the airflow in the chamber to achieve an even temperature profile over the entire body. Measurements show that we achieve exceptional results in this area. Our COOLCARE (medical device) software enables us to calculate an individual cycle plan for customers and thus tailor the cold experience to the body and the application goal.


Kopie von Platzhalter

Kopie von Die Jury

The Jury Members

  • Nathalie Smeeman, Executive Director of the european association Europe Active
  • Gunnar Ebmeyer, Editorial Manager & Manager Business Development FIT FOR FUN
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Rieger, founding dean at the department of sports, media & event at the University of Applied Sciences Europe
  • Prof. Dr. Ingo Froböse, university professor for prevention and health at the German Sport University Cologne
  • Prof. Dr. Niels Nagel, office manager at DIFG e.V.

Kurztext Award


Prof. Dr. Thomas Rieger, Nathalie Smeeman, Prof. Dr. Niels Nagel & Prof. Dr. Ingo Froböse 


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