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The most important european award for the fitness, wellness and health industry

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Kopie von Award 2020 Benefits

For nominees

  • Use of FIBO award seal in your digital and analog communications
  • Increase your brand reach through marking in the FIBO show guide and hall folding plan
  • Presentation of your brand and product on the FIBO award website

Kopie von Award 2020 Benefits

For winners

  • Participation at the Award ceremony at the European Health & Fitness Forum (EHFF) and honouring the innovations in front of international representatives from the fitness industry
  • Presentation of your brand and product in the FIBO trade visitor newsletter and in selected trade magazines

The right category for everyone

The right category for everyone

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Digital Fitness


Health & Prevention


Healthy Nutrition


Lifestyle, Life-Balance & Wellness


Ecology & Sustainability





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Download application forms and conditions of participation and apply for the FIBO INNOVATION & TREND AWARD 2021 at award@fibo.de.

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Get to know our jury members

Ingo Froböse

Kopie von Ingo Froböse

Prof. Dr. Ingo Froböse
Youtube www.ingo-froboese.de

Prof. Dr. Ingo Froböse was born in Unna in 1957. After his doctorate in 1986 and his habilitation in 1933, Ingo Froböse has been working as university professor .. read more
Prof. Dr. Niels Nagel

Kopie von Prof. Dr. Niels Nagel

Prof. Dr. Niels Nagel

Prof Dr. Niels Nagel is professor of sports management at the EBC College in Düsseldorf and is head of the office of the German Industry Association.. read more
Stephanie Davis

Natalia Karbasova

Natalia Karbasova

Natalia Karbasova is founder of FitTech Summit, Europe's First Conference on Fitness Technology, Digital Health and Active Lifestyle...read more
Prof. Dr. Thomas Rieger, MPH

Kopie von Prof. Dr. Thomas Rieger

Prof. Dr. Thomas Rieger, MPH

Prof. Dr. Thomas Rieger works as professor for sports management at the University of Applied Sciences Europe and Founding Dean.. read more

Prof. Alfonso Jiménez

Prof. Alfonso Jiménez

Prof. Alfonso Jiménez is Professor Exercise Science & Health at the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre (Sheffield Hallam University, 0.25FTE) and Chief Research & Innovation Officer at GO fit LAB,.. weiterlesen

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The ExerCube League Video

The ExerCube League EN

The ExerCube League

by Sphery AG

WINNER of the category Digital Fitness

Sphery’s ExerCube League is the first worldwide Exergaming League for everyBODY! The ExerCube - an immersive functional fitness game - serves as a tournament and training device. The game-based Body & Brain Competition is played cooperatively or competitively by players in their ExerCubes at international tournaments. Thanks to an adaptable physical-cognitive difficulty level, players of all fitness and gaming levels, ages, sexes and with/without handicaps have the chance to win the competition. There are no limits! The ExerCube League connects people in a playful and physically active way!

Symbiont Video

Symbiont EN


by Schwa-medico GmbH

WINNER of the category health & prevention

Symbiont is the world's first smart body device/concept: As a certified medical product, it enables both (electro-)stimulation (low and medium frequency as well as mixed forms) and simultaneous acquisition of "real-time" training data. Any form of "conventional (training) activities", EMS training as support in any form and gradual gradation open up completely new possibilities for data-based training and applications. Subjective stress sensation can be compared with objectively measured values of pulse, HRV, EMG, movement sensors and body composition "real time", individual development can be documented and controlled. Wireless technology, suits that can be worn directly on the body and long battery life guarantee easy handling.

Ergoline Sonnenengel Spectra Video

Ergoline Sonnenengel Spectra EN

Ergoline Sonnenengel Spectra

by JK-International GmbH

WINNER of the category Lifestyle/ Life Balance/ Wellness

A new era of solariums begins with the solar angel Spectra. It adjusts the UV dose to the skin sensitivity and avoids the risk of sunburn thanks to the skin sensor. The user can choose from four light programs, with and without UV. The skin is cared for with Beauty Light. The vitamin D structure of the UV programmes has been proven in a skin physiological institute, the light technology is also certified by Medical Active. New LED facial tanners reduce infrared radiation and power consumption by approx. 90 % compared to conventional technologies.




by IMG Quality Design

WINNER of the category Ecology & Sustainability

A high quality, innovative training mat created in harmony with nature. Made of 80% from sugar cane. Thanks to its structure it ensures a great cushioning and durability during the workout. Its ergonomic shape, innovative and unique design increases its functionality and draws users’ attention, in harmony with ecology. Hanging / storing system that is based on single hole allows to quickly remove or replace the mats from a hanger even if in a crowded space.

Evo Rotating Dumbbell Video

Evo Rotating Dumbbell EN

Evo Rotating Dumbbell

by Eleiko Group AB

WINNER of the category Performance

Evo Rotating Dumbbells incorporate a rotating handle giving users a more controlled, safe and smooth lifting experience. Our unique construction nestles a rotating handle inside a low-friction rubber-sealed custom-built bearing to achieve a significantly smaller handle diameter (8- 12mm less), making Evo appropriate for a wider range of users and uses. Our patent-pending handle construction and unique manufacturing processes bring forth an evolution in dumbbell training.

air up Video

air up EN

air up

by air up GmbH

WINNER of the category Start-up

air up is the world's first drinking bottle that adds flavour to water by scent alone. The air up bottle makes use of a trick - retronasal smelling through the mouth. The bottle's replaceable fragrance pods add fragrant air to pure water while drinking. When swallowed, this air separates from the water again and rises through the throat to the olfactory centre, where it is perceived as a taste. The drink itself remains pure water.


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