• 10 – 13 April 2025
  • Exhibition Centre Cologne

RX Female Award

The ceremony for the RX Female Award will take place on April 12, 2024 at 12 pm at FIBO.

With extraordinary commitment and competence, women act as role models in numerous industries today. RX Austria & Germany has therefore created the "RX Female Award" to honor these pioneers and outstanding personalities.

For the second time, the RX Female Award will be presented in the "Youngster" and "Role Model" categories at FIBO. As last year, our declared aim is to honor women from the fitness, wellness and health industry.

The patron of this year's RX Female Award is entrepreneur and author Tijen Onaran. With her company "Global Digital Women", she connects women worldwide to strengthen visibility and inclusivity. Tijen Onaran wants to bring about change - with her expertise on the topic of women and digital professions, she is a pioneer when it comes to equal rights. She recognizes social grievances and makes them visible through her work. This makes her the ideal ambassador for this important initiative. "No economy without women. We need a commitment to diversity in business, society and politics right now - which is why I am all the more pleased to support initiatives such as the RX Female Award," emphasizes Tijen.


The " Role Model " and "Youngster" categories celebrate women who have become pioneers in their industry through their courage and exceptional contribution.

The "Role Model " category is for experienced women with at least 10 years of professional experience who are successful as founders or managers. They are role models for others, inspire with their career and show how to advance the industry with passion and foresight.

"Youngster", on the other hand, is aimed at young women aged 35 and under who have already attracted attention for their innovative strength and achievements. They are the up-and-coming talents who will shape the future of the fitness, wellness and health scene with their fresh perspective and drive.

You are a "Role Model" or "Youngster" and would like to apply yourself or nominate someone from your network.

*All persons who identify with the female gender (she/her) have the opportunity to be nominated.

RX Role Model

Are you or do you know an inspiring thought leader with impressive experience? Then the RX Female Award powered by Female Future Festival is for you!

In the Role Model category, we are looking for an exceptional woman with at least 10 years of professional experience under her belt - from the fearless founder who has built up her own company with passion and perseverance to the visionary leader who leads her team to success with inspiring approaches.

We are looking for women who inspire and encourage others with their trailblazing. You can apply yourself or nominate an impressive woman from your network. No matter who you raise your voice for, together we can shape the next generation.

Grab the application form and show us why you or your candidate are the Role Model of the Year! The stage is yours!

The nomination phase for 2024 is already over!

RX Youngster

The RX Female Award powered by Female Future Festival is calling for the young stars in the career sky!

In the Youngster category, we're looking for an exceptional woman who is under 35 years old and has already made an impressive impact in the industry with her energy and courage at a young age. Do you embody innovation and assertiveness or know a woman who fulfills this definition? Then it's time to celebrate these successes.

Whether you apply yourself or nominate a strong woman from your community, we are looking for the talents of tomorrow. Show us how you are changing the world with your ideas and actions, inspiring other young women to do the same.

Grab the application form and let us know why you or your nominee should get the award! The stage is yours.

The nomination phase for 2024 is already over!


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Herman Rutgers 

Herman is an international executive with over 35 years of experience managing businesses in diverse global markets. He is actively involved in various ventures both inside and outside the fitness industry, serving as an investor, advisor, and board member. Herman possesses an extensive network in the health and fitness sector, showcasing his influential presence and broad expertise.

“Our wonderful fitness industry has a very balanced representation of society in it’s membership base, reflecting full diversity…however, when we look at the C-level leadership we see very few women taking key roles…not to mention the CEO- role…This is unjust and with my support for this RX Female award initiative I hope to be able to stimulate leaders to embrace true representation of the many women with talent in the leadership of our industry!”

Maike Kumstel 

To promote women in the German fitness industry, Maike Kumstel successfully brought the "Women in Fitness Association" (WIFA for short) from the USA to Germany and created a constantly growing network here. In her role as Head of Global Enterprise at Sport Alliance, Maike and her team also ensure that international fitness chains can achieve their corporate goals more easily by using software.

"Female empowerment is important because there are still far too many talented and smart women who are not recognized for a variety of reasons. These women should be enabled to fully develop their skills, raise their voices and participate equally in all aspects of life. This promotes justice, diversity and strengthens our society as a whole."

Jennifer Halsall

In addition to her own company, Duende Solutions, Jennifer also holds the position of Secretary to President's Council for Tech at EuropeActive. She actively promotes leadership skills and is the co-creator of the WIFA LEAD Program (Leadership through Elevation Awareness and Discovery). She also contributes her expertise as Supervisory Board Member for Morla Moves and Inclusion Group Chair for WorldActive.

“The global significance of gender equity carries substantial economic and social implications, holding transformative potential for society at large. Our sector faces a pressing need to address key issues such as the gender pay gap, insufficient female representation in executive roles, the motherhood penalty, and workplace discrimination affecting 1 in 4 women.

A strong collective commitment to positive change is evident in initiatives like the RX Female Award. I take pride in championing exceptional women, empowering them to rise and inspire others!”

Janosch Marx

Janosch Marx is Managing Director of the specialist publisher fitness MANAGEMENT. His expertise is also reflected in his role as a board member of EuropeActive and as a member of the supervisory board of DSSV e. V. - Employers' association of German fitness and health facilities.

"Many competent and committed women drive the fitness and health industry forward on a daily basis. These specialists and managers must be recognized accordingly. That is why the clear goal in future is not just to talk about gender equality, but to firmly establish this as a matter of course in the fitness and health industry and ultimately in our society."

Liz Terry

Liz Terry MBE, CEO of Leisure Media and editor of HCM magazine (Health Club Management), has been privileged to enjoy a 40-year career as an editor, journalist, analyst, consultant and non-exec in the global health and fitness, sport, wellness and Fit Tech markets. Passionate about innovation, Liz advocates for the health and fitness market's growth and vibrancy in the global economy. She believes in its crucial role in delivering health and wellbeing worldwide.

“Empowering all people is simply the right thing to do and plays to humans' innate sense of fairness. If anyone needs a more hard-nosed commercial reason, evidence clearly shows that nations, businesses and organisations that support women to flourish and involve them in decision-making are more successful and more profitable. With such a lack of visionary leadership in the world today, it's vital we harness all talent, regardless of sex or sexual orientation.”

Emma Barry

Emma Barry is in great demand as a speaker, advisor and investor. Born in London, raised in New Zealand, and currently based in Los Angeles, she's often considered the “Oprah of Fitness” providing guidance to corporations and leaders on rediscovering the "trouble" within themselves for new possibilities and breaking boundaries.

"Women make up a little over half the world's TAM (total addressable market) - and considerably more in certain fitness segments. As roles and responsibilities continue to reshape society, empowering women to have a voice and a seat at the top tables is not just the right thing to do; it's good business. 

My Why Backstory. In my early career on the road, I was fortunate to bench press what the boys could, drink what the boys could, and cuss like the boys could. I had no "me-too moments. I was one of the lucky ones who got a pass to a man's world. I worked for Les Mills for two decades, enjoying equal opportunity and pay. I thrived in the presence of development opportunities and a supportive set of mentors, male and female. Sadly, being heard, seen, supported, and respected is not a reality for many women. It needs to be. I stand for that."