6. April 2023

FIBO Innovation & Trend Award 2023 – That´s New!

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Innovations and trends are one, if not THE, essential basis for the development of the fitness world that has been so successful for many years - and will be in the future for sure. The more than 100 creative, often fascinating and future-oriented products and concepts that were presented to the demanding jury of the FIBO Innovation & Trend Award 2023 will again form a promising basis for this.

FIBO takes into account the increasing international relevance of its international award: The winners of the six award categories will be announced and honored in front of around 600 guests on Wednesday, April 12, 2023, from 12:55 p.m. as part of the EUROPEAN HEALTH & FITNESS FORUM of the European umbrella organization EUROPE ACTIVE at the Cologne Fairgrounds in the Congress Center North. For the first time, also the nominees will be presented in this context. "It is important to us to do justice to the relevance and importance of the FIBO Innovation & Trend Award for the global fitness world. That is why we are constantly developing this prize,” says Anke Brendt, who is responsible for the event at FIBO and RX Global.

Jury member Prof. Ingo Froboese: “It is difficult and at the same time enjoyable work to filter out the best from the many submissions. This award is an important institution for the fitness industry, and its relevance will certainly continue to grow in the years to come.”

This work is done by a renowned Jury of the FIBO Innovation & Trend Award 2023, composed of five professors and one doctor:

Prof. Dr. Ingo Froböse – Sports scientist and health expert, Head of the Center for Health at the German Sport University in Cologne.

Prof. Dr. Niels Nagel – Professor for Sports Management at the EBC Hochschule Düsseldorf, head of the office of the German Industry Association for Fitness and Health e.V.

Prof. Alfonso Jiménez – Professor of Exercise Science and Health at the Advanced Wellbeing Research Center (Sheffield Hallam University, 0.25 FTE) Chief Research & Innovation Officer at GO fit LAB

Prof. Dr. Thomas Rieger – Professor of Sport Management at the University of Applied Sciences Europe, Founding Dean of the Department of Sport, Media & Events

Prof. David Matusiewicz – Professor of Media Management at FOM University, Dean of the Department of Health & Social Affairs

Prof. Karsten Köhler – Professor for exercise, nutrition and health at the TUM in the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences

Dr. med. Ursula Manunzio – Doctor for sports medicine, nutritional medicine and cardiovascular preventive medicine (DGPR).

The Nominees: 

Category: Ecology & Sustainability

Low-intensity training with warm feet: the economical fior MYwarmzone floor heating. Produced from sustainable materials for rehabilitation & mobility training, yoga & Pilates.

According to the manufacturer, the RefresherBoxx is the world's first washing machine that disinfects, dries and refreshes items without water or chemicals.

Category: Health & Prevention 

Thanks to integrated electronic components, the "Bownce" IoT ball tracks the performance of the user and visualizes it in the bownce app. Bownce combines a full body workout with exciting challenges within a community of Bownce peers.

This full-body cold chamber is purely electrically operated and differs from other models because the refrigerator effect is bypassed here. By using an antechamber, the temperature in the main chamber can be kept constant up to -110 degrees.

A movement and balance system with gamification app that can be used by both seniors and top athletes to help build stamina, strength and coordination in combination with a specially developed app and various exergames.

Category: Lifestyle, Life-Balance & Wellness 

ErgoSportive™ is a Smart & Adjustable Recovery System, representing an exclusive and innovative connection between a smart bed and Garmin® wearables, offering users 24/7 reports on their health data.

Soul Mates Eco Yoga Mats can be enjoyed by young children without the need to read instructions or follow a video class. Suggested poses are embossed directly on the mat.

Category: Nutrition 

Compleat was inspired by the curry sausage stalls at DIY stores, sets up fully digitized, easily scalable fitness food stations at German gyms and stands for fresh, high-quality and individually assembled bowls with a focus on fitness and good nutritional values.

This app was developed based on over 100,000,000 competition data from endurance athletes and has the function of a digital nutrition coach: With the help of artificial intelligence, a recipe is calculated that is optimally adapted to the individual needs of the athlete.

Category: Performance 

Eleiko Prestera seamlessly combines free weight, bodyweight, and cable pull training into one customizable system, redefining the possibilities for space planning and training.

A new type of cardiovascular device based on deconstruction - a creative process that the manufacturer says was first used in sports engineering.

An innovative full-body strength and cardio machine for bi-directional and uni-directional training while simultaneously training agonist and antagonist muscle groups.

Specially designed for the martial arts world, the Uptivo solution is based on comfortable wrist sensors and tracks the number of left and right punches, their power and speed in real time, creating participation and competition.

Category: Start-up 

Get Your Coach ist eine App zum Finden von Trainern aus über 120 Sportarten – weltweit oder in der direkten Umgebung. Über die Chatfunktion können ein direkter Kontakt aufgebaut und Trainings vereinbart werden.

Far-UVC Care222® ist eine neue und den Angaben des Herstellers zu Folge einzigartige Technologie zur Desinfektion mit Licht. Die von der Columbia University patentierte Erfindung kann im Gegensatz zu ähnlichen, bereits in Krankenhäusern eingesetzten Geräten auch in Anwesenheit von Menschen angewendet werden.

Die Turnkiste ist eine innovative Aufbewahrungskiste für Sportequipment für den Außenbereich: digital buchbar, per Handy zu Öffnen und selbstverständlich vandalismus- und diebstahlsicher. Für Trainer/-innen und Privatpersonen – inkl. eines Online-Forums zum Finden von Trainingspartnern.


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