FIBO becomes a member of “Exercise is Medicine” and makes a statement against lack of exercise

Supporting health, disease prevention, aid to recovery: Sport and fitness are proven tools to achieve this. Forming part of the “Exercise is Medicine” initiative, this is where FIBO kicks in, moving exercise into the focus of the health system, politics and population. Because physical exercise still plays only a minor role in medical practice.

For years FIBO has served as a key interface between fitness and health. It brings together the suppliers of health-oriented training equipment and concepts with physicians and physiotherapists. With its membership in “Exercise is Medicine” it continues to declare war on the lack of exercise. “This has been one of the most important steps for us this year. The commitment to “Exercise is Medicine” is relevant for all players in the fitness sector,” says Silke Frank, Event Director of the Leading International Trade Show for Fitness, Wellness and Health. “We look forward to being part of a global initiative that has the power to exert influence on the highest level. FIBO stands for a strong fitness industry and a healthy society. Our membership is an important building block in this vision.”  


Battle against widespread diseases 

Many widespread diseases like high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, obesity, muscle and joint disorders go hand in hand with an unhealthy lifestyle. The latter includes little exercise, the wrong diet and stress. Apart from personal suffering these diseases also generate high costs to the healthcare system and economy as a whole. Physical exercise should be regarded by physicians and other healthcare providers as a vital parameter to be evaluated at every patient’s consultation. This makes for effective patient consultation and referral to specialists in line with their health requirements and physical fitness.  


FIBO engagement in Germany and Europe  

FIBO is a member of “Exercise is Medicine Deutschland e.V.”, established at the initiative of the German Society for Sports Medicine and Prevention as well as its European counterpart “Exercise is Medicine Europe”. The aim is to prescribe physical activity and sport as prevention and for medical treatment across all of Europe.  

These bodies on both the German and European level form part of a global non-profit initiative called into being by the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Medical Association in 2007.  


Driver of the fitness and health industry

As a member of both initiatives FIBO helps increasingly underline the importance of physical activity in society and raise awareness about this topic across all age groups. “Furthermore, it is important to push the topic up the political agenda, thereby better positioning the fitness sector in its role as a health service provider,” says Anke Brendt, Product Manager at FIBO. This way the synergies between the fitness industry and the healthcare and medical sectors are also boosted.