7. March 2022

More than a hype: mega trend digitalisation at FIBO

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After a two-year pandemic-induced break FIBO 2022 will be all about future trends. Alongside a focus on health, digitalisation also receives the industry’s attention. FIBO will also present a digital fitness world.


An important mega trend, which was driven by the pandemic, is taking hold at FIBO: digitalisation in the fitness sector.  Meaning that in Halls 6 and 7 there will not only be a wide range of training equipment to marvel at. At the Future Forum of Hall 7, organised by FIBO in cooperation with EuropeActive, FitTech Company GmbH and the ECC KÖLN, there will also be innovation-driving speakers discussing tomorrow’s tech-heavy fitness world as well as the latest trends in retail and e-Commerce.

High-calibre speakers at Europe Active

On Thursday, 7 April, Stefan Ludwig of Deloitte will kick off the event with his lecture on the latest findings of the European Fitness & Market Report. Subsequently, the speakers will talk about canvassing new customers in gyms, how members will pay in future or how to turn customers into brand ambassadors.

Just as exciting will be the agenda on Friday, 8 April, which is dedicated to such key topics as customer retention as well as tomorrow’s fitness equipment and services.

E-commerce trends featured in the ECC programme

The starting signal for the ECC programme will be given on Saturday, 9 April 2022. Kai Hudetz, Managing Director at the Institute for Retail Research (“Institut für Handelsforschung Köln” – IfH), will deliver a keynote on retail trends 2022. He will provide an exclusive insight into brand new consumer and market insights and the “New Normal” in the sports world. To complement this, Alexander Wessling will speak about visitor experiences through digital technologies.

On Sunday, 10 April, the ECC will also have a number of riveting keynotes in store. How the market is influenced by structural change in retail, in digitalisation, personalisation or the casualisation of fashion, is explained by consultant Max-Henrik Fabian. Following him, Mailin Schmelter, Deputy Head of Customer Insights, will answer questions on convenient shopping options and the service focus of online platforms. Beyond this: as information, inspiration and ultimately also shopping channels Instagram and Co. now play an increasingly relevant role. To conclude, Brand Manager Laura Luible will therefore talk about the opportunities offered by social media channels.

The Fittech Summit as FIBO Edition

From 7 to 9 April, FIBO and the Fittech Summit will further expand their partnership picking up on a number of tomorrow’s themes at the Future Forum. These also include the synergies between holistic health and fitness. The Fittech Summit raises the question of the relevance of health and fitness technologies in society and breaks this down into three target group levels: People, Places and Planet. Answers to this will come care of three live stage broadcasts lasting 150 minutes each. Presenters Natalia Karbasova (CEO Fittech Company) and Stefan Tilk (members of the Advisory Board Fittech Company, CEO Anytime Fitness) will ask four speakers each to join them on stage to discuss these topics with them.

Digitalisation in Physiotherapy

Digital Health is also among the top trends in the wellness and health industry. FIBO will address this subject in Hall 8 by organising the “Meeting Point Health & Wellness”, presenting medical therapy and training methods in the exhibition area as well as expert lectures. One of the keynote speeches is “Digital Transformation of the Healthcare System: Special Features and Challenges in Physiotherapy and Other Health Facilities” by Prof. Dr. David Matusiewicz, scheduled for 9 April at the Meeting Point Health & Wellness.

Another exciting highlight is the lecture by Sanjay Sauldie (tt-Digi) about “Fitness 4.0: Seizing Digital Opportunities” on 7 April, followed by the topic “Physio 4.0: Status Quo and Outlook for Digitalisation in Physiotherapy”, which he will cover on the following day, 8 April.



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