18 May 2022, by Concept2

Hyrox, CrossFit and co. Swear by it: the Concept2 RowErg and SkiErg

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The Concept2 RowErg and SkiErg have always provided an effective combination of strength and endurance workout. Unique competitions and events are now providing even more motivation. 

Rowing is one of the most effective total body workouts around. That's as true today as it was true back in 1976 when brothers Dick and Pete Dreissigacker started Concept2 on an old farm in Vermont, USA. Concept2 quickly became popular worldwide and the Concept2 RowErg is the best-selling rowing machine in the world. The company is still headquartered in Vermont and works to promote the sport of rowing around the world – both on the water, as well as at home and in the gym. Concept2 has added popular ski and bike ergometers, monitors, software, apps and other technologies.


Hyrox and CrossFit

When you choose Concept2, you’re choosing both innovation and heritage. Trendsetting fitness concepts like Hyrox and CrossFit also have this philosophy. The event sport Hyrox was launched in 2017 and challenges athletes' strength and endurance in a super tough competition. Up to 4,000 athletes participate in each of the Hyrox “World Series of Fitness” events, which tour more than 20 cities in North America and Europe.

The set-up at Hyrox events is always the same: There are eight stations, with one kilometer of running in between. At the first station, athletes complete 1,000 meters on the Concept2 SkiErg, then continue with Sled Push and Pull and Burpee Board Jumps before rowing one kilometer on the Concept2 RowErg at station five. Last but not least there are rounds of Farmers Carry, Sandbag Lunges and Wall Balls. This is a competition that sounds exhausting just reading about it.

Hyrox relies on a combination of strength and endurance in equal measures, which is why they use training equipment from Concept2. It is not only in competition formats like this, however, but also in everyday fitness that Concept2 products are in high demand. While the very first rowing machine was developed in 1981 as a training device for competitive athletes, its popularity quickly grew among athletes outside of rowing because of its smooth, effective workout. Rowing is a practical whole-body workout that trains strength and endurance at the same time and is also easy on the joints.

Technique in rowing is important

For rowing, having the right technique is crucial. Concept2 offers various coaching videos online as well as a free 80-page book for professional trainers. In addition, the experts at Concept2 recommend monitoring your rowing progress to stay motivated. The free Concept2 Online Logbook provides one opportunity to do so, as well as having regular online challenges. There are also a number of other events and indoor regattas that take place around the world.



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The Concept2 SkiErg

Training with the SkiErg offers a similar, yet different form of exercise that perfectly complements rowing workouts. That’s the reason why the SkiErg is also used in rowing performance centers. The Concept2 SkiErg offers all the physiological benefits of cross-country skiing for when there is no snow or tracks around. Even those who are inexperienced in cross-country skiing can benefit from the advantages of training with the SkiErg. Just like with the RowErg, Concept2 offers comprehensive training videos and information on the correct technique.

SkiErg users who are still looking for motivation can also register for one of the exciting real-life or virtual competitions. The SkiErg Sprints will take place from November 10-13, 2022 and is a virtual 1,000 meter race that anyone can take part in. Corresponding four- or six-week training plans are available online. More information about the event and registration can be found at the website.