6 May 2022, by Silvia Mireva

Round table top totels: new impetus for the fitness and health industry

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With the Wellness Aphrodite, "Mein Tophotel" honors outstanding wellness hotels in German-speaking countries every year. Also this year, the coveted prize will be awarded and FIBO is also involved as a trusted partner. 


As part of this event, "Tophotel" and the world's leading trade show have invited to an exclusive round table at the hotel "Der Öschberghof". The topic: "Private fitness in the hotel room - a look into the future". Marco Weiß, Editor-in-Chief of "Tophotel", Anke Brendt, Product Manager of FIBO and top hoteliers from all over Germany as well as Austria participated in the exciting discussion. 

The round was introduced by Anke Brendt: "FIBO has recently become one of the most interesting industry meetings for hoteliers and spa operators. For the first time this year, the world's leading trade show offered a hotel industry day."


Potential of fitness and health

Because Especially in the wellness sector, the potential of fitness and health has long been recognized, but also the business hotel industry is discovering the trend more and more for itself. That is why there were numerous impulse lectures, expert talks, guided tours and networking meetings as part of the FIBO Hotel Day. The focus was on the question "Quo vadis hotel industry?", especially with a strong focus on fitness and health offers to attract and retain guests, as well as to increase turnover. 


FIBO Trends 2022

Looking back at "FIBO" 2022, Anke Brendt also presented the most important trends of the show: "In addition to physical and mental health, digitalization, mixed reality and nutrition have also moved strongly into the focus of the hotel industry."

Demand for "private fitness" in hotel rooms and bookable spaces for singles sessions has increased during the pandemic. Even if people now increasingly want to meet again, they will not lose the desire for individuality and exclusivity, hoteliers are certain. For example, some hotels score points with unique selling points such as a QR code that can be used to complete yoga sessions in the morning ("Der Öschberghof"), a specially equipped boxing ring ("Hotel Stanglwirt") or holistic care on topics such as nutrition and training, experience areas for physical and mental health ("Das König Ludwig Ressort"). The discussion round also gave rise to new ideas and impulses such as a yoga forest ("Bollants Spa im Park"), integrating fitness into a hiking tour or offering hotel guests outdoor training equipment so that they can also work out while hiking ("Hubertus Mountain Refugio Allgäu"). Behind all of these topics are people with full vigor and who inspire hotel guests to embrace the innovative concepts. 


New opportunities for the hotel industry

One thing is certain: After two years of pandemic, the hotel and hospitality industry is facing special challenges. The "Tophotel" and "FIBO" round table was used precisely for this purpose. To learn from experience and to exchange ideas on how to make potentials tangible and invest in new income models, alternative business areas as well as niche topics. Because this is the only way hoteliers can increase their attractiveness for guests and counteract the pandemic. The world's leading trade fair picks up precisely here and opens up many new opportunities for the hotel industry with its extensive range of products and services.