20 April 2022, by Silvia Mireva 

Time to turn things around: experts discuss initiatives for more exercise

© Behrendt and Rausch

Less exercise and poor nutrition - the consequences of the pandemic are alarming. They lead to a significant increase in body weight, deficits in motor skills and the increased occurrence of mental disorders. 

Against this background, an expert panel discussed current health developments on the first day of FIBO.  The panel included Prof. Dr. Ingo Froböse from the German Sport University Cologne, Alexander Pollich, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche Deutschland GmbH, Rainer Beck, Director Business Development of schwa-medico, racing driver Laura-Marie Geissler and FIBO Event Director Silke Frank. 

Everyone agreed on one point: targeted initiatives from politics, business and society are needed to promote health-oriented exercise. This includes the Europe-wide public health campaign #BeActive and the broad-based alliance of experts Allianz für Gesundheit e.V.. 

Porsche launches pilot project with Symbiont 

New impetus is also coming from companies. Porsche, for example, will be offering its customers its own personal performance program in the future. As part of a pilot project with the medtech company schwa-medico, customers of the sports car manufacturer can train with the bio-electric smart body device Symbiont. A collaboration that is absolutely novel in this form and defines new ways of working with companies. 

Positive balance at FIBO

Rainer Beck, Director Business Development of schwa-medio, was correspondingly satisfied with the appearance at FIBO: "The relaunch of FIBO was a real start-up event. With Symbiont, schwa-medico is defining a new standard in bio-electrical training. The response to it was great. This is underlined by the "fleet change" of EMS world market leader Bodystreet and 25Minutes, who equip their more than 400 studios worldwide with Symbiont. The signal effect emanating from this is drawing international circles. The interest shown by many studio operators - from Italy, Spain, France, the UK and Poland to South Africa, Australia and Brazil - is correspondingly high. The momentum that was already evident in the run-up to FIBO is simply overwhelming."

Read more about the pilot project by Symbiont, schwa-medico and Porsche: here: https://www.symbiont360.com/system/files/training/downloads/PR_Porsche%20meets%20SYMBIONT_ENGL.pdf