28 April 2022,  by Starmühler

Influencer and Athlete Recap FIBO 2022

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FIBO 2022 took place from April 7 to 10, a very special experience for all who attended. As usual, in addition to exhibitors and experts, luminaries of the bodybuilder as well as fitness influencer scene were on site in Cologne. Looking back, they now tell us what impressions they took away from this year's FIBO. 


"It was awesome to finally be here again after a two-year break. So nice to see all these people and especially familiar faces again! Super that this is possible again, and I'm sure the next FIBO will be great as well. I saw so many cool booths with new products to try. There was a lot to participate in and there was really a lot on offer," said fitness model and entrepreneur Stephanie Davis (@stephaniedavis).


After a long break, the fitness world revives  

Finally being able to meet fans in person again after a two-year break was one of the best experiences for the athletes and influencers. Fitness influencer Anna Engelschall (@growingannanas) shared that she usually dances and shows off workouts in front of her camera at home, but at FIBO she saw how her workouts inspire real, live people. It's an indescribable feeling!

The two-year pandemic frustrated athletes and Fitfluencers alike. Among many others, bodybuilder Tim Budesheim (@budesheim_tim) also thanked the numerous guests and explained that this encounter with fans was the reason for his motivation as a bodybuilder. For him, FIBO shows how fitness and bodybuilding live in Germany.


Fewer halls, but more space

Although there were fewer halls this year, that's exactly what apparently went down well with many. It was more manageable and easier to get to stands, says fitness influencer Florian Buchholz (@flo_bu). He liked that smaller companies were more visible this year. Eugen Lopez (@eugen1pz), known from the reality shows "Are you the one?" and "Temptation Island," was also excited about exactly that: "There's a lot more space this year. You have more opportunities to get somewhere quickly." A colorful mix of exhibitors and companies presenting their products at FIBO not only delighted visitors, but also former soccer player and reality TV star Robin Riebling (@robin_riebling), who said that fun was definitely the main focus.


The themes of this year's FIBO were very well received. Two other well-known faces from the industry were enthusiastic about this. IFBB-PRO bodybuilder Edgard John-Augustin (@bionic_body) was particularly pleased by FIBO's thematic focus, telling how much he had missed seeing people from the industry. Like Edgar, fitness influencer Manuel Teufel (@manu.teufel) also found the thematic focus on fitness, health and wellness to be excellently selected, as they precisely meet the zeitgeist of the industry.

After FIBO is before FIBO

IFB-PRO bodybuilder and Mr. Olympia participant Urs Kalecinski (@the.miraclebear) draws a comparison to trade fairs in the USA: "FIBO is one of the most blatant trade fairs. If you talk to athletes or bodybuilding enthusiasts from the USA, they also say that FIBO in Cologne is THE event. That's when you know that in Germany it really gets going once a year. It's amazing to see how FIBO delivers year after year. It takes an incredible amount of time to get it going, and it's really cool to put such a thing together. It made you even more happy to have been here at the start."

After all these nice résumés, we are now all left with the anticipation of next year. And, to wrap it up with the words of author and Inluencer Angie Berbuer (@angieberbuer), who lost her legs in a car accident three years ago, "This was my first FIBO on prosthetic legs, and I'm so glad it finally happened again this year! The show was really well attended. I'm glad to have seen a few people in real life again this year and really picked up some steps as well. It was such a pleasure to have been a part of it. See you again next year!"