August 24, 2022

E-Sports – what competitions look like in the digital world

Image: Stephanie Lindgren – ESL Impact Dallas 2022

1,14 billion US dollars (Newzoo 2022) – that's how much revenue is made from e-sports every year. E-sport stands for electronic sports and refers to competitions in the digital world, such as puzzle, shooter, or strategy games. To be able to compete, you need the right preparation and fitness. But that's not the only reason to take a closer look at this digital trend. Here is a list of the most important terms, gamers and games that you should definitely know.

At the limits of physical and mental fitness

Contrary to the widespread myth that e-athletes only sit in front of the computer and play games, e-athletes also pay attention to nutrition as well as fitness. Gamers sometimes spend hours training mental and physical skills. Health coaches help professional gamers to eat right. Like other competitive athletes, e-athletes adhere to nutrition plans that include foods such as blueberries, almonds or fish, for example, to promote reaction and performance and support cellular functions.

It is especially essential not to consume too much sugar to avoid unnecessary fatigue. Dedicated trainers prepare gamers for the relevant competitions. With the attendance of jointly developed strategies, collective training and special warm-up exercises, the players are supposed to stay in top form. Not for nothing do experienced gamers easily manage up to 300 clicks per minute.


E-Sports – the new trend?

Without physical fitness, it would not be possible to play e-sports for up to 10 hours a day with full concentration. That's why there are already performance tests in Asia where e-sports players have to prove their physical health to show that being a gamer is not detrimental to health. There is a realistic possibility that this trend will also catch on in Europe as soon as e-sports receives more attention in the sports scene in this country as well. Clubs that sign up e-sports gamers – such as VfL Wolfsburg recently with its FIFA e-sports gamers – already exist in this country as well.

However, it takes not only individual clubs, but also dedicated agencies that specialize in digital competitions. These agencies promote the gamers by managing their press relations, arranging interviews, recording the competitions live for the community, and capturing emotional states during the competition. Gamers perfect these social media appearances to attract sponsor interest and keep the community informed. Sponsors are often game manufacturers who use the gamers' reach for advertising purposes.


The most popular games in e-sports

There are a variety of popular game genres in the e-sports community. The genres are divided into first-person shooters, role-playing games, strategy games, and point-and-click adventure games. First-person shooters, or first-person shooters in German-speaking countries, are scenarios in which gamers only see the character's arms or a firearm. Role-playing games offer a different perspective: they often take place in a fantasy world or in another time.

Here, the game is played from the third-person perspective, in which the gamer views the controlled character in the environment from the outside. A distinction is made between the chaser perspective and the bird's-eye view. Role-playing games are also played from the first-person perspective, in which case they are called FP-RPGs (First-Person Role-Play Games). Strategy games are about pursuing a goal and achieving it through strategic finesse. In the last category, point-and-click adventures, gamers click their way through a virtual game world, solving puzzles as they go.


The champions of e-sports

The best-earning gamers in e-sports are based on the prize money they win, regardless of income or advertising revenue. The world's highest e-sports prize money to date was awarded in Bucharest at the Dota 2 World Championship The International 2021 with 40 million US dollars. The winner was Team Spirit from Russia. The tournament takes place annually and is organized by US game developer Valve. In 2018 and 2019, Team OG, led by Danish e-sportsman Johan N0tail Sundstein, won the world championship. This puts his team at the top of the list of the highest-earning gamers in e-sports. Forbes magazine lists Sundstein as one of the 30 under 30 in gaming.


You need to know these terms and abbreviations to avoid looking like a noob

The right language is crucial in e-sports. If you want to get a foothold in the industry, you should know some terms like noob, death math or clutch.

1) "Noob": while newbie is a friendly term for beginners, noob is usually used pejoratively. So is the acronym Boon, which is used disrespectful.

2) "Glhf": good luck, have fun is a well-known phrase used before games. Related: After a game, gg (good game) or gz (congratulations) or wp (well played) is written.

3) "Bm": When gamers write bad manners, the majority of the time it is a sign of unfair behavior.

4) "Clutch": A clutch is when a gamer manages to win despite difficult situations.

5) "Adds": Adds are additional monsters, characters that accompany a stronger gamer, but are weaker themselves.

6) "BarCraft": Watch games, but not solo? No problem – that's what Barcrafts are for. That's what public viewing of e-sports games is called.

7) "Buff": A buffed character or role is an improved version of the gamer. For example, certain character traits that are helpful for early victory are boosted. The opposite is a nerf – when a weapon, gamer, or character is degraded or weakened.

8) "Damage per second": This is the maximum damage a gamer does per second.

9) "Death match": Death match is a multiplayer variant in first-person shooters where a gamer who is eliminated does not have to leave the game for good, but re-enters at another point.

10) "Feeder": The German word füttern has two different meanings in the game context. One meaning is an insult to a gamer who benefits from the opponent's lack of skill. In the other meaning, allied gamers are fed to gain an advantage over the opponent.

With these terms and information, gaming can really get started!

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