6 May 2022, by Starmühler

Biohacking - what is behind it?

© Unsplash/Fortune Vieyra

Having a deep sleep, eating a balanced diet and creating a strong ability to concentrate - this is what most athletes and sportsmen strive for. Now there is a new trend that supports this lifestyle and even promises higher performance as well as the ability to concentrate: biohacking.


Biohacking found its origin in the USA in 2005. The goal is to individually search for weak points in the body, document and analyze them, and then do something about them. Biohackers use technology such as fitness trackers, special light glasses or breathing masks to search for stimuli and analyze how the body reacts to them. In this way, they try to intervene at the right moment by means of nutrition, sport and also nutritional supplements, thus optimizing the body and achieving maximum performance. In the long run, people want to achieve a fit, healthy body, deep, restful sleep and strong concentration. But can biohacking help you become the best version of yourself? 

How do you become the best version of yourself?

Biohacking can succeed after an accurate and individual body analysis with targeted exercise, nutrition, sleep and meditation. There are many tips and tricks on how to manage the biohacking lifestyle in a healthy way, but of course any diet should be discussed with a doctor beforehand.


Ice baths for deep sleep and a clear mind

Good sleep is the be-all and end-all of a healthy body. Biohackers usually base their sleep on the circadian rhythm, which takes into account the entire course of the day. But there are other effective alternatives for good sleep, such as Digital Detox: Before going to bed, people refrain from using any screens for an hour because the blue LED light suggests to the brain that it is still daytime. Taking melatonin or valuable plant substances such as passionflower can also support the process of falling asleep. Breathing exercises or meditation also contribute to good sleep, and apps can also help track sleep patterns to understand how well you are sleeping.

Meditation can have an impact not only on sleep, but also on mindset, which, as any athlete knows, always affects the body and physical fitness. Exercising the mindset, building mental strength and pushing yourself to your limits: Biohacker Wim Hof, who holds international records for enduring extreme cold and the record for the longest ice bath, also talks about this. Ice baths and cold not only promise enormous willpower, but, in a controlled form, are also said to relieve pain, reduce stress and trigger feelings of happiness. In the long run, such baths can also warm hands and feet and promote better sleep. Another tip for a clear mindset can be journaling, which is the regular writing down of goals, thoughts and to-do lists. Spending time with friends and family can also help strengthen the mindset.


Diet and exercise in the life of a biohacker

One of the most important points for a fit lifestyle is healthy eating. Biohackers make sure to consume micronutrients such as minerals, trace elements, vitamins and antioxidants. This promotes performance and provides energy. Sugar and carbohydrates tend to be avoided. That's why many biohackers eat a ketogenic or low-carb diet, but Paleo or Eat-and-Stop diets are also popular. Vegetable oils, meat, fish and milk as well as legumes are recommended as vegan protein sources. A special tip from the famous biohacker Dave Asprey is Bulletproof Coffee. The American discovered yak butter tea on one of his trips through the Himalayas, which he repurposed into coffee back home. The coffee replaces a breakfast meal, prevents carbohydrate intake in the morning and provides the body and mind with quality energy. Two tablespoons of pasture butter and MCT oil are added to the coffee, then everything is blended in a blender. The drink is intended to strengthen the endurance capacity as well as the ability to concentrate.

Exercise and sports are as much a part of a biohacker's daily routine as weights are to strength training. Of course, here, too, individuality comes first, but in principle, there are still helpful instructions: Regular strength training helps to strengthen the muscles, especially HIIT or Crossfit are well suited for this. These two sports combine strength training with endurance training, which supports the cardiovascular system. In addition, athletes should take stretching into consideration and always incorporate stretching or stretching exercises. This can also work well in everyday office life - for some, it helps to take small breaks in the workday to move around briefly. This additionally stimulates the ability to think.


Individuality comes first

A big focus in biohacking is individuality. Every body is different and should be treated as such. For example, women in particular are advised to follow their menstrual cycle. And professional athletes need to pay attention to different things in biohacking, such as diet than recreational athletes. Diets should be done only after medical consultation, and well-being comes first. A collection frenzy of data can also cause stress, which is why you should always keep an eye on quantity when health tracking, too. Striving too hard for self-optimization can also often turn into stress and frustration, which is exactly what biohacking is supposed to avoid.


Five tips to get started biohacking:

- Track your health using apps

- Introduce regular meditation into your daily routine

- Put your phone away before going to bed

- Shower with ice cold water in the morning

- Make sure you eat a healthy diet