Sempteber 13, 2022

The kick-off for a week full of movement: The #BEACTIVE DAY 2022

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September 23 is #BEACTIVE DAY, the first day of BEACTIVE WEEK – the European Week of Sport (September 23 to 30) – an initiative of the European Commission. The fitness and health industry is celebrating the fun of sport and exercise with this campaign. Together, we show the world how important an active and healthy lifestyle is. 

If there were a holiday for the fitness and health industry, it would probably be #BEACTIVE DAY: a day dedicated solely to active and healthy lifestyles. On September 23, 2022, it's that time again. For the second time, the action day will take place to launch the European Commission's BEACTIVE WEEK. 

A small step for you, a big step for your health

This year, the participation in #BEACTIVE DAY are also to a large extent free of charge. As an initiative of the fitness sector in cooperation with EuropeActive, FIBO Global Fitness and various association partners, numerous events and activities will be offered across the continent as part of the European Week of Sport (September 23 to 30). Exercise activities will be organized and made available free of charge in health and fitness clubs, workplaces, outdoor facilities and many other locations. All the main players in the fitness and physical activity sector are pulling in the same direction here. Health clubs, fitness centers, digital providers, club operators and sports professionals are offering initiatives to the public. 


Placing the #BEACTIVE message in society

The various campaigns within #BEACTIVE DAY and #BEACTIVE WEEK aim to show how important fitness is for people's health and well-being. This is because the main goal of the campaign is to highlight the benefits of physical activity and place the #BEACTIVE message in society. The aim is to get people moving more often and to make the most active and healthy lifestyle possible a matter of course throughout Europe. The support from FIBO is obvious here, where they intensively support and promote the promotion of activity and health in society. 

More than 17 national associations are involved

Already since the very first European Week of Sport eight years ago, EuropeActive has been an official partner of the event. Last year, #BEACTIVE DAY was launched by the European Commission as an initiative for the first time.

“I am very pleased that #BEACTIVE DAY will take place again in 2022, with the clear aim of becoming the main annual contribution of the fitness and physical activity sector during the European Week of Sport. I would like to thank our national federation partners as well as all key fitness stakeholders for their commitment and creativity to make this event happen in more than 17 different European countries,” said Andreas Paulsen, CEO of EuropeActive.

Silke Frank, Event Director, FIBO, adds: “Fitness is a lifestyle that brings people together. At the same time, physical activities are essential for our well-being. As an international network of the fitness, wellness and advocates, FIBO for an active and healthy lifestyle. We offer people a platform for exchange and commitment to a healthy life. That's why we support #BEACTIVE DAY.”

Making September 23 the most active day of the year

No matter who, where, what or how: Everyone can be part of #BEACTIVE DAY. In Germany alone, around 600 events open to the public took place last year as part of #BEACTIVE WEEK. Andreas Paulsen from EuropeActive announces, “We are a proud partner of the week and a strong supporter of the #BEACTIVE message. Therefore, I would like to invite everyone to join us on #BEACTIVE DAY and make September 23 the most active day of the year.”