04. August 2022, von AURUM

100% Growth every Year: How AURUM masters Expansion through Digitalisation

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Open around the clock, personal training and online courses – these trends make employee scheduling increasingly complex for fitness studios. AURUM found the perfect solution for themselves. 


24-hour openings, personal support and online courses on top – the current trends in the fitness market make employee scheduling increasingly complex. As a result, more and more fitness studios are using digital tools for their rostering. Also AURUM, the data-based fitness concept for highly intensified strength training, is using a scheduling software for its personal trainers. Planday supports AURUM and its employees not only in the areas of rostering and shift changes, but also helps to coordinate staff vacation, availabilities and payroll costs. This leaves more time for what’s really important: the wellbeing of employees. In our interview head coach Tobias Hackl talks about the special qualities of the AURUM training concept and how Planday supports the company’s growth ambitions. 


FIBO: What makes training at AURUM so extraordinary? 

Tobias Hackl: The AURUM training is a special "experience", as we can support our members optimally in achieving their goals, by means of specially developed software and hardware and well-trained AURUM coaches. Our training leaves a smile on the lips of every member, as they are able to go to their personal performance limits. 


FIBO: Why do your customers choose you and how do you ensure their satisfaction? 

Tobias Hackl: Our members choose AURUM because they always receive personal attention and reach their goals in the shortest possible time. They value the atmosphere in which they can work towards their health and fitness goals, without being judged or disturbed.  

There is always immediate biofeedback during and after the workout, and the improvement in performance can be seen at any time via one's own training profile. In addition, we maintain quality in all our studios, through predefined standards, which are being checked on a regular basis.

Furthermore, we always ask for feedback from our coaches, franchisees, and members. This helps us to learn from our mistakes and to show everyone that we are willing to grow. 


FIBO: How big is your team and what are your goals for the upcoming years? 

Tobias Hackl: We have grown from 7 to about 30 employees within the past 2 years and there are already 9 franchisees, with the plan to grow by a minimum of 100% during the next years. We are targeting to have about 1.000 AURUM studios for 2030. 

FIBO: What tools do you use in your day-to-day business? 

Tobias Hackl: To manage and coordinate the shift schedules of our trainers, we are using Planday. It's a great software that has made our day-to-day work much easier. I would say we save about three to five hours per week, thanks to Planday. We would like to optimise the internal process even further, to make the best use of the tool and gain even more time. Creating the duty rosters is child's play with the app and all the information is displayed transparently and clearly, so that it can be viewed by our employees at any time. Finally, no more Excel! We use the Mindbody booking app for clients. Our clients can use it to book, reschedule and cancel their appointments via their own profile on our website.  

FIBO: Which features would you no longer want to do without? 

Tobias Hackl: Since we are already experiencing strong growth of at least 100%, we are particularly interested in how we can use Planday system-wide, with private access for franchisees, but also the possibility for our quality management to view schedules at any time, in order to carry out regular checks. 

It would be important for us in the future, to have the possibility that each franchisee gets a template, which corresponds to our typical planning. That is, to take over already existing positions and groups, as well as settings from our own stores and make them available to our franchisees.