• 13 – 16 April 2023
  • Messegelände Köln

Exercise is Medicine

Become part of our global health initiative and make a statement against lack of exercise

With the "Exercise is Medicine" initiative, we stand for an active and healthy society. Our goal is to prescribe physical activity and sport throughout Europe as prevention against diseases and for medical treatment. 

By building up a network of associations and companies, we are jointly setting a sign against physical inactivity and bringing the topics of health and prevention into the focus of the health system, politics and the population.

Part of the campaign is also a three-year study survey on the University Hospital Ulm, which continuously develops up-to-date scientific information and recommendations for further action.


Who to reach?

Kids & Teens



Associations & Clubs

How to reach?

As the world's leading trade show for fitness, wellness and health, FIBO enjoys a strong appeal and convincing reach. With customised marketing via email, newsletter, social media and PR/media, we reach many potential customers on your behalf, whom you can only address so specifically with our help.


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660 million

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Get on the road

Accompany our initiative and the associated studies as an EIM partner or sponsor.

2021 - 2022

Continous spreading of the campaign "Exercise is Medicine"

Your support as a sponsor or partner by communicating content through your channels

Beginning of the study survey

Your co-funding of the scientifically based study

2022 - 2023

Presenting the first study results at FIBO in April 2022

Your appearance & support as a sponsor or partner before & during the trade show

Planning of a new experience world with congress & hall

Joint development of the trade fair concept & content (upgrade package)


Implementation of a new experience world at FIBO in April 2023

Content or physical integration into the congress program 

Your appearance & support as a sponsor or partner before & during the trade show

Your Benefits

Increasing reach via FIBO & partner channels

Acquisition of new leads & potential customers

Establishing of social & political influence

Co-designing of concepts for health promotion

Participating in scientific surveys & studies

Increasing attention to socio-political issues

Strong partners for a strong network

Become part of "Exercise is Medicine"

Would you like to join our campaign as a sponsor or partner? 

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